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Over-seeding help

Could someone advisea beginner of the best timescale for over-seeding a garden.

From what I understand I need to scarify, aerate, overseed, water and fertilize.

I've scarified today so if today was day 1 when should I look to do the rest and in which order. A step by step guide would be really helpful as everything seems contradictory online

Also I've checked the ph of my soil and its 7, should I look to address that also? If so, what?

Thanks very much


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,020
    The pH is fine - fairly neutral which is ideal   :)
    If you've scarified now, you can then aerate [if that's needed] and you can simply do the re seeding whenever you want after that. The easiest way is to mix a little Blood ,Fish and Bone with some soil or compost, and put that down, although most people only add a bit of fertiliser when sowing a brand new lawn. On an established one it isn't generally needed. 
    Let that settle in - might need a watering, and then sow the seed a couple of weeks later, firming it in so that it gets contact with the soil. If you don't bother with the feed, you can just sow straight away. BF&B can be attractive to foxes, so you may not want to use it anyway. 
    If you sow just now, it should germinate fairly quickly, providing the temps are high enough, and it has enough water. In many areas it's been very dry, so it depends on how you feel about watering it with a sprinkler or hose. I've sown lawns in June without any problem , but that's because we get regular rainfall, and the temps are high enough by then. In many areas, it's too hot and dry to do it then, so spring is better. 
    It depends on how big the areas are that need seeding, as to how often you water, and how much is needed.  :)
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