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Half barrel water garden overflow?

I've just set up a nice little pond in a plastic half-barrel. Any tips, please, on how to deal with overflowing water in a rainstorm? Do I just drill a hole and put in a water-butt overflow pipe, or does it not matter if the rainwater just spills over?


  • UffUff Posts: 3,199
    I don't have an overflow Molly Bloom, the water just seeps gently away. I think it would be fine to leave it.
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  • I've just built a barrel pond too. I don't think the surface area is big enough to worry about overflowing - I'm more worried about evaporation!  :D 
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  • Thanks, people, for your replies. I feel a lot better now about just leaving it to trickle over onto my decking. My husband says it's only like rainfall anyway, which is probably true. Just me being pernickety (again!). Ta ever so, all.
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    Hi I made a barrel water feature in my garden. it consists two half barrels with a waterfall/filter as advised by local fishkeeping shop. I treated the tap water when I filled it and it is nice and clear. I have lots of what I think are midgie larvae swimming around. Do you think it would support a couple of fish in the lower barrel. I am planning a proper fish pond in the coming months.
  • My mum has some fish in a barrel around that size @martyn55 - just a couple, they are left to their own devices all year and have survived a layer of ice too.
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