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What’s happening to the leaves of my courgette plants?

I’ve been growing my courgette plants indoors from seed and they’ve been doing really well, but over the past week or so the leaves have rapidly been going like this, one by one. It’s like something is spreading through the plant. Does anyone know what it could be? I’ve been Googling... could it be a virus? The leaves were touching one of my husbands chilli plants and I’ve noticed a couple of leaves on that have now started getting the little dry patches too. Watering, light etc all as per instructions and as I said, had been doing really well until just recently. Thanks for any insight...


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    Hello @kellydhowes and welcome to the forum :)

    Can we have a look at the underside of the leaves please?

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  • I think this may be powdery mildew.We have experienced this on our own courgette plants in the past.We uysed a mix of 10%milk to 90% water and sprayed it on the leaves.It needs to be done early in the day when the weather is dry.Good luck with it.
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