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When to plant allium

ki_buxtki_buxt Posts: 63
Purchased some allium millennium at the weekend which have a fair bit of growth on them. Have hardened them since buying as temps are mild for April here in southern Norway. Wanted to plant them in the garden today, but it looks like there is a possibility of a light frost (0 degrees) early Thursday. Will this harm the growth on them? Should a wait a while before planting out?

I have never had allium before so I'm a bit of a newby!! 


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,811
    Better to wait until there's no frost for a good few days or so. Yes, it could set back the foliage a bit if you planted when a light frost is forecast, although it shouldn't adversely affect the flowering stems once temps improve. The flowering might be a little later.

    Most alliums are bought and planted in autumn, but as long as the bulbs are in good order, there shouldn't be a problem with planting it at this time of year.  :)
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  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 10,426
    As they are "in the green", presumably growing in pots, they need to be gradually accustomed to outside temperatures over a few weeks, the same as any other plant that's been grown in protected conditions. I'd bring them in or at least cover them at nights for maybe another week or two depending on the forecast.
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  • ki_buxtki_buxt Posts: 63
    Thank you both so much! Nothing worse than damaging a plant when I can be avoided... 
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