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Tomorite - what’s going on?

KJPKJP Posts: 14
For as long as I can remember, Tomorite dosage has been 20ml per 4.5l of water.  Just bought my new pack and the recommended dosage is now 60ml per 4.5l of water.  So, assuming the price per ml has remained the same (unlikely) that feels like a stealthy price increase if some magnitude.  In fairness they now recommend 1.5l of feed per plant rather than 2.25l but I still reckon that’s a 100% price increase. Unless I’m missing something……?


  • BlueBirderBlueBirder Posts: 176
    Have you compared the info to previous info about the 20ml per 4.5L? Wondering if the composition has changed. 
  • KJPKJP Posts: 14
    Aha!  On closer inspection I realise that my new pack is the Organic Tomato Feed and yes, it does have a different formulation.  Still not happy with the economics though!  
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