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Hestia beans

Im planning on growing hestia beans in 40cm pots. How many plants per pot should I plant? Thanks in advance for any help given. 


  • Any help anyone.. Im new to grewing veg 
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 10,124
    I'm not familiar with hestia beans but I asked Google and T&M's website says each plant has a spread of 30cm so they need a 30cm diameter space each. That means a 40cm pot is probably only big enough for one plant. If you're starting them now, it's too cold for them outside so it's probably best to start them in smaller pots under cover (windowsill or heated greenhouse) and harden them off and plant out into the big pots when it's warm enough (end of May here, maybe earlier for you if you live in a mild area).
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  • Ive already started them on the window sill. I have 4 so ill need 4 pots. Big thanks for info 
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