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Phlox Problem.

I have phlox paniculata White Admiral in my garden. Three of the stems do not look quite right.
Any ideas what is wrong with them.The top of these stems lack green colour and are distorted.


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,313
    Have you had a look underneath one of the affected leaves for any bugs?
    If no bugs, then it could be that the soil is very dry and your plant can't get the Nitrogen it needs. If so, then a good watering should help.
    The main growth looks fine, so I don't think there's any need for concern.
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  • Thanks Pete. Will try. Yes the rest of the plant looks healthy.
  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze Posts: 4,289
    @nigeltaylor11ajAuETly_ The one big problem with phlox is eel worm then the plant must go. I wouldn't be too concerned as said rest of plant looks good. Think P White Admiral is beautiful and this growth is normal.

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  • Thanks. Cannot see any bugs on leaves. Have watered well as Pete advised.
  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze Posts: 4,289
    @nigeltaylor11ajAuETly_ What you would see with eel worm is badly distorted leaves. Yours are fine but if you grow Phlox best you are aware of the problem.

    BROWN IS A COLOUR   Piet Oudolf
  • I have heard of eelworm and that what I was fearing. I have had four different phlox paniculata for years now and they are my favourite perennial.
    Thanks for your reply.
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