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Euonymus japonica "White Spire": should I have separated them?

GravelEaterGravelEater Posts: 117
Recently bought these lovely upright plants.  When I got home, I took a better look and it seemed as if there were 4 individual plants in the one container. 

So, I took out a knife and cleaved the root ball in two.
I was tempted to quarter the lot, but thought I might have done something very bad, so just potted the two halves with multipurpose compost and slow release feed balls, in their own containers.

When I took some cuttings from a Euonymus fortunei, I plopped 3 sprigs into one container and had to cleave these up, they are utterly fine and unharmed.

Hopefully all I have done is got double the planting, albeit with less density.  Maybe it encourages each plant to spread out more, not being right next to a neighbour?


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