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Dividing a hardy geranium

caroallcaroall Posts: 15
I meant to divide this geranium in autumn but never got round to it.  As it has started to flower is it OK to do it now or should I wait until autumn?  Any advice appreciated. Could anyone also tell me what geranium it is - when the leaves are touched they give off a lemon smell.  Many thanks


  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze South NottsPosts: 1,230
    @caroall I would leave it for now as it is just about to flower. The growth is so soft and conditions so dry you will have problems. G macrorrhizum Bevan's variety. Cut back hard after flowering. Each piece you cut off will root.
    You can also split at this stage. Water well for two weeks or so until new growth appears. Will then stay neat through the following winter if not too cold.
  • caroallcaroall Posts: 15
    Thanks very much - I am pleased I now know which variety it is.  Will split later - it always seem to survive anything nature throws at it!
  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze South NottsPosts: 1,230
    @caroall It is a very useful plant, will grow well in dry shade. I grow G macrorrhizum White Ness which is lovely in shade.
    Not all hardy geraniums should be treated in this way. Some of them you leave as they will continue to flower all summer. Some must have sun to do well.
  • caroallcaroall Posts: 15
    I will look out for that one as most of those I have seen have been pink or purple.
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