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I have a small area of roses at the bottom of the garden that I inherited. The area is partially shaded and the roses seem to do well, although I'm trying to make them less leggy. I don't know what types they are, but I seem to be doing ok so far with caring for them.

My mum got me a Charlotte rose for my birthday, and I'd like to have this one nearer to the house, as it's special for me. But I'm not sure how best to plant it. Should I just pop it in the border or put it in a pot? I know it needs a sunny spot. I think I'd probably prefer it in a pot but don't know how big this would need to be. And do roses thrive in pots or does it stand a better chance in the border?

Any guidance would be really appreciated. Whereas I feel fine learning as I go with the other roses, I'd rather not take too many chances with this one.


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    I'm no rose expert!  Charlotte is supposed to grow quite tall - 3 and a half feet tall so any pot is going t have to account for the weight of a rose that size being rocked in an  autumn  gale.  Roses don't like having their roots disturbed and they don't like getting very waterlogged or dried out. I think that to have this rose enjoy life you are either going to have to watch it like a hawk in a pot or put it in the ground where  it really belongs.

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    I would agree - roses normally only do well in pots if they are the patio sorts.  Can you find this one a sunny spot in the ground? And then give it plenty of food and water - they are hungry plants, and need to be kept well watered til established.  But well worth the effort - especially if it is a special oneimage

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    Thanks both for the replies. Looks like I'll be finding a spot for it in the border then. Might have to shift some stuff around but I think that will start to make it feel more like my own garden anyway - less like I'm just looking after someone else's! 

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    definately into a nice border ... I always dig a hole ready ..water hole with torn up newspapers in as it acts as feed plus holds water for awhile..then plant rose ..I always go for semi with the hotter summers we have i have found some of mine get leaves burnt...image

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