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Jade plants

At my place my jade plants leaves always goes thin. I m not over watering it as in past few plants went soggy n broke. They are kept at sunny 🌞 side. But they look
life less. 

Please let me know how can i fix thm. As i love those plants . 


  • Well, it looks alive to me. You're absolutely right not to water them in winter--I stop watering on 15 October and start again 15 March. When you restart, water as you would any other houseplant, all through the growing season. Add a bit of fertiliser to the water once a week, according to the recommendations. If you start that now with yours, it will be thriving and growing in a very short time. Right now it's hungry and dry.
  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze Posts: 3,499
    @tina.chheda Looks like you have lots of baby plants perhaps you could pot one or two as a backup.

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