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Advice on Cymbidium

I bought a cymbidium and the pot seems very small for the size of the plant. But the question is do they like to be a bit pot bound?


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    looks very happy to me. It's beautiful
  • I would agree ...
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  • The Pot just looks so overcrowded but the flowers are stunning. When it has finished flowering should I repot it? Any advice gratefully received!
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,729
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    get some orchid fertiliser and use as directed. 
    you can even put it outside for the summer, Sheltered, out of direct sun
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    @Elizakakate.... Allow it to grow for this season and then next year pot it on and/or split it.
    Cyms are fab orchids as they will contiue to grow and give you flowers for many years.
    We have many that give us fabulous flowers for many months.
    A great plant which gives you much for so long.

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    What a lovely looking orchid!
    I'm fairly new to keeping orchids, but from what I understand the roots are quite happy being rather congested.
    In their natural environment they grow on the bark of trees and the roots just hang down the tree trunk. So they are used to very little nutrients and the roots are never in water, just the humidity and rain that runs over them is enough to keep the plant in good health.

    To decide when to water, I look at the roots in the clear pot. If they are green, they don't need water. If the start to turn a silvery grey, then they need water.
    I use rainwater at room temperature (cold water will shock the roots). Leaving the orchid in its outer pot, I fill it with rainwater and let it soak for about 15mins then drain.
    Whilst it's in flower I give it a feed with Orchid Fertilizer each time it needs watering (which is about once a week).
    When you do re-pot it, shake off all the bark/compost from the roots and snip off those roots that are grey and shrivelled up then repot. It may or may not need a bigger pot.

    I was thrilled that a little orchid I bought in flower last July flowered continuously for 9 months. It's having a well earned rest atm.

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  • Thanks everyone for your advice.
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