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Plant ID please

Rus100Rus100 Posts: 3

Can anyone please identify this plant?

It was cut down to ground level before last spring and grew nearly 6ft high with several tall stems over spring/summer.

New growth at the top of the stem is purple stems with whiteish flecks and purple leaves.

The leaves soon turn green as they grow in size and the stems turn to light grey/brown much more slowly.

Leaves are heart/shield shaped and grow opposite each other with the largest ones at least 10cm across. Didn't see any flowers.



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    Might be a Clerodendrum Bungei shrub. 
  • Rus100Rus100 Posts: 3
    I see some similarities there, but this plant had no flowers and grew considerably faster than it states on the RHS page for Clerodendrum Bungei.
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    edited April 2022
    Let's see what others think. If your plant is quite established, they can put on that amount of growth in a year, especially if it's in a protected sheltered spot. 

    I suggest you don't do any pruning now and see if it flowers this year. They perform best when pruned back a bit around winter time. 
  • Arthur1Arthur1 Posts: 534
    If it’s clerodendrum the leaves will smell like aspirin.
  • As suggested, the plant wasn't pruned this year.
    This summer it produced white flowers and later, blue berries.

    Looks like Clerodendrum Trichotomum, Purple Haze/Purple Blaze variety.


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