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Pond care after flooding??

Hi All, I need some advice please on my 2ft x 2ft Wildlife Pond? It is on my Allotment & we were flooded at the end of Feb’ this year since then it has been murky & has muddy algae looking stuff on the liner, I have no fish or aeration in the Pond , though before the flood I had Frogs & Newts , I want to encourage back , how do I sort it out please as it was a Wildlife haven before it got filled with filthy River Water 


  • Hi, I wouldn't be overly concerned, it will sort itself out. Algae is common at this time of year but as the plant growth gets going it will clear up.
    It could be that some soil has been washed in and if you wanted to remove it then that might help, just leave it near the edge of the pond so anything in it can crawl back in. 
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