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rockery rubble

I have a small amount of rubble, old  bits of cement & bricks as well as some middling white stones and pebbles about 10cm long. I also have an ugly  small corner  with a fair amount of shade so I know I need shade loving plants ferns etc

Simple question is how do I build it ? Stack the rubble and finish with pebbles then thrown on some compost and earth or use earth and compost as I would cement from the start and bed the cement pieces, brick, pebbles in it. Then do I have to creat spaces for plants between the bricksand pebbles  or will they be Ok in the cracks etc. Will be about 40-60cm high  I know it sounds amateurish but then I am    


  • UnionworkerukUnionworkeruk Posts: 137
    I forgot to mention I also some some logs from a holly tree I have just cut down and some old logs now nicely rotting. I dont know if they could be used in any way
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 4,460
    I think the key is to stack in an orderly way, whether it's logs or bits of stone. For example the stone should all be stacked on the same plane. Best to place it on its side and embedded in the ground rather than just placed flat on the surface. Yes, you want 1" joints and fill with soil and gravel rather than cement. Ugly piddling little bits of cement and bricks are best discarded or used in 'habitat piles'. 
  • BluesBlues New ForestPosts: 38
    If you add some broken bits of mirror in the mix I'm sure it will look dazzling 
  • B3B3 Posts: 21,537
    Sound dangerous @Blues
    In London. Keen but lazy.
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