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Greenhouse calendar?

DogmumDogmum DerbyshirePosts: 72
Does anybody know of a good calendar for gardening with an unheated greenhouse?

I could do with something that indicates/reminds me of what to do when and what I could grow when.  I’ve got the usual kind of stuff planned for this summer, tomatoes, peppers, chillies and baby cucumbers.  All sown a little too early this year (over excited newbie) and now filling the conservatory whilst waiting for the greenhouse night time temps to lift.

What else could I grow in there though once the toms etc have finished.  I’m keen to make the most of my lovely new greenhouse but I’m also keen not to go down the heated greenhouse root if I can.

Apart from growing in winter what sort of plants could I over winter in there?

I’m based in southern Derbyshire.


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  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 46,098
    I only use mine for things like cuttings which couldn't stay outside, or young small plants I've bought in. Plants which need some real protection against the elements, need more than the greenhouse I have, so I keep them in the house. I wouldn't go to the expense of heating a greenhouse. 
    I don't usually bother with sowing hardy annuals, because the spring sown ones catch up anyway, but you could certainly do that.  :)

    I'm sure others will have suggestions for you.
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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 9,560
    I found this article online which might give you some ideas :)

    I have an unheated greenhouse and in the summer l have pelargoniums (bought in plants, but you could overwinter cuttings indoors once you've got some), as well as sweet peppers grown from seed.
    In the Autumn l plant up pots of bulbs for a Spring display and then in Spring the seed sowing starts again. I'm lucky enough to have an electrical supply to it, but l only use it to power the propagator. Back in the day l used to have a fan, but it got too expensive, so these days l use shading.

    It is possible to overwinter cuttings etc, but the main problem (apart from the low temperatures),  is the build up of moisture. Have a look at this. unheated greenhouse can keep,freeze than a damp one.
    Hope this helps :) 
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