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White spots in thyme leaves - indoor

I have noticed some white spots in a thyme plant I have in the kitchen. I have read about leafhoppers and looks like it is ( but I thought that was for outdoors plants, not for indoors

has anybody had this problem indoors? Any suggestion on how to solve it? The solutions in that article, as ladybirds or birds, would not work indoors



  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,129
    You could put your thyme outside.
    I've had thyme in pots in my garden for years - it's very tough.

    If it's just a small plant in a pot, you could get a bucket, fill it with water add a few drops of washing up liquid and give it a stir to mix it in then hold your plant upside-down so the stem is between you middle finger and 4th finger and wiggle it around in the water - that should shift them.
    You'll need to do it every few days for a while as eggs will still hatch, but hopefully they'll be gone.

    It may be thrips rather than leafhoppers - but you can still try the above method.
    I do get them on some of my thyme and oregano often

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