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Crown lift camellia

owd potterowd potter teapot townPosts: 836
I have a mature Camellia which is located in a prominent position at the front of the house, so it really needs to add some impact to earn it's place.

It has done it's stuff for this year and is now going over and whilst giving it it's annual trim i'm thinking to bare it's legs, upto about the height of the wall behind it to give it more presence when it is not in flower. Also make it easier to collect the dead flowers dropping behind it.
Has anyone done this to a Camellia?  
or, is there any reason why I should not?
Just another day at the plant...


  • They can be used as hedging plants so will take a lot of clipping and shaping. Personally I’ve never seen one grown as you’re suggesting but I can’t see any reason not to try.
  • Arthur1Arthur1 Posts: 533
    I have one which I crown lift. There is one locally which is the size of a small tree with a substantial bare trunk.
    You can cut camellia hard back and they regrow.
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