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Moss on grass

angela0795angela0795 Posts: 1
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The garden has been fine for years however in the last year Moss on grass.
Wants the most simple way to get rid of it,can anyone tell me what product to use and what else in simple terms as I'm not that good at gardening!
Do I need to put grass seeds after etc or .


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,739
    There are lots of products available which can deal with moss alone @angela0795 , or you can use one the types which are a weed and feed. They basically 'do what it says on the tin'. It's important to follow the instructions carefully though, re not overdosing, and making sure the conditions are right - damp soil, and when rain is due, which saves watering it in.  :)
    You may not need to re seed, Often, as the grass grows, regular cutting will encourage the grass to grow sideways, and can cover gaps quite readily. It will depend on the size of those gaps though. Make sure you don't cut the grass too short either . That weakens it and lets moss, and/or weeds, get more of an upper hand. Little and often is the best method.  :)
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  • JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783
    Hi Angela, one thing to bear in mind with moss is that it grows when conditions are favourable - if you don’t change those conditions then you might have an ongoing uphill struggle on your hands.
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