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Help with book title: likely fiction about garden plot supporting a man's mental health

Hello from Canada. I read this book 20+ years, maybe in the late 1980s or 1990s. I would like to re-read it again but I can't remember the name or find any details about it. Maybe it is isolated to the UK? It is all a bit vague but i truly hope someone else remembers it. THe main character was a youngish man (20s or 30s) who lived in England (maybe London) and he had mental health struggles. He maybe lived in some type of group home. I recall an early part of the story when he borrowed a vacum cleaner to try and clean up his home. THis really didn't work out for him and it was somewhat comedic but also sad. His life turns around after he gets an allotment garden with a shed. I recall the books title as something like either:  The Shed; The Plot; The Allotment. I think the book was published by a small press and the proceeds may have supported a mental health charity. I wonder if the title of the book was changed at some point? Seems like this book was ahead of its time as this is now a common topic. Thanks for any assistance.


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