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Any ideas what this is?

*Astrantia**Astrantia* Posts: 269
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I’ve managed to grow something from seed, I thought they were delphiniums and labelled them but now they’ve grown a bit I don’t think they are! Hoping someone will know, they look like annuals of some sort I’ve taken the photo so you can see the purple underneath. Apologies the pictures are sideways. They’re in a 6cm pot.


  • CebeCebe Posts: 48
    They look like antirrhinums, snapdragons to me. - the dark leaved ones are red & the others may be yellow or white
  • Jenny_AsterJenny_Aster Posts: 906
    Hebe? (Frozen Flame)
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  • *Astrantia**Astrantia* Posts: 269
    hmmm ok thanks, I didn’t think I had seeds of antirrhinums! 
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,418
    Must admit l thought they were antirrhinum as well. Where did you get the seeds from? 
  • I grew a pepper last year from seed and I've never bought pepper seeds 😆. It did quite well too!
  • LynLyn Posts: 21,869
    Agree antirrhinums.
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  • They do look like antirrhinums , but where are you based / when did you sow the seed? They look fairly (too) well advanced for a late Feb or March sowing?
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  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze Posts: 4,222
    I think Antirrhinums probably strong growing as purple is dominant in some plants.

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  • *Astrantia**Astrantia* Posts: 269
    Thanks for your replies everyone😁 they could be Antirrhinums, I had quite a few free from a magazine seeds given to me last year, I didn’t know if they’d grow so just gave it a go I’d obviously labelled them wrongly when I planted them, & didn’t put a date in the label, I’ve learned my lesson now, but I’d have planted them maybe Feb and they’ve been in a greenhouse.  I’ve got a nice pot to fill so when they flower I’ll post a picture ! 
    Thank you again !
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