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James Galway rose dieback

This James Galway rose had put out some bright green leaves last week but when I checked on it today, the leaves seemed to have dropped. Would love to know if there may yet be hope of a comeback?

I'm on the East Coast of US (zone 6b) and there have been some very cold temps recently. However I realize there are also some very unhappy looking stems here so if there is any remedial pruning that might help, I'd love to gather guidance... Thanks so much for this great forum -such a wonderful resource for beginner gardeners!


  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 6,344
    You've got a bit of deadwood there that I would cut out, that red shoot going straight up in the middle I'd take out, even if there's a green shoot on it.. there's a thinner shoot to the left that's gone reddish, I'd cut that out too back to where it's green at the base..
    ... you have a good basal coming up from below ground, that looks vigorous so I can see your rose is taking off in a good direction...  it's a quick climber when it gets going, even in your zone I think.
  • Thank you so much Marlorena! I will definitely try those suggestions!
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