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Help me rejuvenate an old apple tree

So on top of a multitude of reasons to dislike our landlord, it appears her need to make everything look a certain way meant laying huge paving slabs and pebbles around a century-old apple tree.

The slabs are in a circle surrounding the tree, and they stop maybe a meter out from where the branches above them stop. After that, it's 5cm of pebbles to stop any benefit from rotting foliage.

It's got all kinds of signs of age- stripped bark here and there, knobbly bits and so forth. Now we may be leaving in six months, who knows, but I'd like to give it a feed.
I've been told the slabs have compacted the soil, preventing the tree from getting much out of the soil, so I thought I'd start there. I'll take off a few slabs, leave some gaps here and there for the tree roots.
I don't care for the fruits, I just like to give it the right ratio of nutrients for a fighting chance.

What do people recommend? Expensive, or cheap internet hacks welcome 
Is there anything I can make maybe from the mountain of lawn cuttings I've got?

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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,434
    A liquid feed would go through the gravels.
  • What sort, 
    I've just checked the cupboard, I've about 250 ml of tomorite and half that of Miracle Gro organic performance plant feed,

    and a regular supply of about a bin liners worth of lawn clippings from now til end of summer.
    “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”
    Trolius & Cressida
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