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Front Garden/Driveway - From scratch



  • ChilliBobChilliBob Posts: 80
    Popeye eh? Well I like a bit of Olive Oil and Spinach, but no pipe smoking thank you. Yeah, gardening full stop can feel like that, which is great all round :)

    When I have one side clear I intend to fork it over so I can see what the soil is like. I'll share a picture of some mud! He he 
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 10,790
    @ChilliBob, had you thought of advertising the gravel for free on Freecycle? That way you get somebody else to take it away!
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
  • ChilliBobChilliBob Posts: 80
    Honestly? No. I'm a bit suspicious of that sort of stuff to be honest! Me being overly concerned I'm sure, but I find all these marketplaces where a stranger comes to your house, knows your details etc!

    I did consider putting it on the shed in one of our moving boxes but I'm 99% certain I'd just create an immovable corner of junk I'd never use!

    This stuff is quite grotty, I, think the other side ill keep as it looks cleaner and there is still plenty! 
  • ChilliBobChilliBob Posts: 80
    A small update of sorts - I have cleared one side, and yeah, the soil is rock solid, however, we've had a change of thought on this and decided perhaps we should go for a bit more work and redo everything :o ........ for which I shall start a separate thread in a moment...
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