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Hi GW team,

My parents were wondering if anyone had any suggestions or tips as to what to do with the spaces available in the pictures below? (if you click on the hyperlink it will take you to the photos on Google Sharing.)

Ideally, we're looking at putting raised beds in the picture which has the greenhouse in it. In the other two pictures, if anyone has any ideas on what to plant around the fruit trees and bushes, I'd be very grateful!

Also, any ideas as to how to stop weeds coming through in the raised bed area would be much appreciated! We were thinking of putting a polythene sheet down and then a mulch of sorts on top of it.

Thanks in advance,



  • zugeniezugenie Posts: 785
    What a beautiful garden! You could do something like a chamomile lawn around the fruit trees if the conditions are right for it?

    I would use cardboard and a thick mulch for the weeds but that could be a personal preference thing, I’ve found previously that anything on top of the weed membrane weeds will grow in, even gravel!
  • HenryPHenryP Posts: 50
    Thanks @zugenie , that's really useful to know! And great ideas too :smiley:
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,157
    edited April 2022
    Welcome @HenryP.  Lovely garden.

    If the fruit trees/bushes are well established, I think I would grass the area around them, leave it to grow long over the summer, perhaps with cow parsley and/or wild flowers like a traditional orchard. Mow a narrow winding path through it to get to the plants. In August, cut it all down but gather it all up to reduce the soil fertility, then in autumn you could plant bulbs. Could look very pretty.

    Around the raised beds, I would just put a very thick layer of bark mulch (hopefully your parents might be able to get it for free from local tree surgeons!). It's sometimes a bit slippery over a membrane. The mulch would have to be topped up every couple of years.
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  • HenryPHenryP Posts: 50
    @Lizzie27 great ideas too, I'll make the suggestions and see what they think!
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