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Makita Split Shaft or Individual Tools and Telescopic or Standard

I'm looking at going cordless for Hedge Trimmer and Strimmer and already have Makita batteries / charger.

I'm comparing the Split Shaft tool or individual units and trying to find out which is best. I've not handled the Split Shaft which looks like a "bulkier" set up and maybe more tiring to use but is possibly a more powerful unit as whilst there is a single battery unit would probably go for the double battery one.

Also whether to go telscopic with the hedge trimmer, my dad has an old electric one (no name and heavy) and it was horrible just to lift up. I can see a major advantage of not having to keep climbing a ladder and moving it which probably takes up as much time as the actual cutting but if they're heavy and "awkward" to use you end up with a tool you'll avoid. It may be longer term I end up with a telescopic and also a small standard one but it's just adding to the outlay.

The spilt shaft also has the advantage I could add other tools at a later stage if required like a pole chainsaw or brush cutter.
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