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Bit of luck with compost

pclark42pclark42 Posts: 175
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Well over a year ago I posted something regarding my inability to produce compost after following all the rules, it appears that I hadn't got the temperature right. The compost which I made looked good, and I riddled it to be rid of any twigs, then I proceeded to use it to grow seedlings from seed, well all this stuff popped up which certainly didn't resemble my cabbage or cauliflower, they were weeds from the compost, I had no choice but to bin them and start again with bought-in compost. I have 2 side by side compost heaps, so the one I had taken the compost from was then used as a dumping ground for my empty plastic bags, the other has been used for the normal garden and household waste. They were looking a bit messy, so on Friday I decided to gather up the bags for disposal, to my utter amazement underneath the bags I found beautiful lush compost ( I think the worms helped) I have filled 3 large tubs with the compost, however, I still don't trust myself, so I have put some in a tray and watered it, if nothing sprouts, then I have cracked it, 2 years in the making, I thought this may assist anyone else in my position.


  • pclark42pclark42 Posts: 175

    And this is the result, looks good I hope.
  • Chris-P-BaconChris-P-Bacon Posts: 943
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    Looks good. However, domestic compost heaps rarely (at least in my experience) get hot enough to kill weed seeds...some do- most don't. They don't get big enough or have ingredients added in a controlled way or in the exact quantities required for high temps or are too wet, too dry or inadequately aerated. But!..cold heaps still make great compost based on fungal action. Sure, they'll take a bit longer and you'll get weeds but these can be picked out or use a hoe. Mine rarely get hot (sometimes they do but more by good fortune and rarely for any length of time) but I still get good compost - it's got weeds, twigs etc but still does me fine.

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