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I have this camellia in the garden which seems to be suffering from some sort of nutrient deficiency maybe, any ideas how I can get it to green up again? 


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 46,373
    There could be several problems there. Lack of moisture [against a fence can be dry]  the wrong type of soil, and the wrong aspect - or a mixture of those.
    It certainly looks chlorotic, so it would benefit from an iron supplement, and you'll be able to get that from any GC, but you'd need to address those other things too, to see if they're factors.  :)
    They need a shady or semi shaded site - ideally other planting around them, but buildings etc also work. They get very bleached in too sunny a site.  Plenty of moisture - especially in late summer/early autumn to help develop the buds for the following year, and a soil that's neutral to acidic, and holds enough moisture, without being waterlogged, is the best for them. Feeding the soil is also better than just feeding artificially - a good regular helping of organic matter - leaf mould, rotted manure etc, around them is ideal for getting the soil in good condition.  :)
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