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Photinia Red Robin Help

Good afternoon all,

I have photinia 'red robin' hedging that wraps around the front garden, most is south facing. It is fairly young (around 2/3 years old) if you measured it in total around 20 metres wide. I have two issues that I would like to resolve;

1) Blackspot is on around 60-70% of the leaves (around 80% of the older green leaves). Ideally I do not want it spreading to the new growth (red). Should I spray each plant with fungiside? I read somewhere that you should remove all leaves with blackspot - but then this would reduce down the density by a huge amount. 

2) Green Aphids are starting to multiply within the new growth. As there are over 30 plants it will be hard for me to individually get them off manually. Should I use a neem oil spray?


  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze South NottsPosts: 1,105
    I can help you with the black spots issue, it is a sigh that the soil has been too wet over winter. As the season progresses this should improve. Evergreens naturally drop leaves in May anyway.
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