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Old potato compost

Hi All
i have a large amount of compost/soil that I grew my potatoes in last year, and wondering what I can do with it. I remember reading that shouldn’t reuse it for tomatoes or potatoes as may pass on blight (???) but can I just pile it on to my other veg beds (salad, brassicas, carrots beetroot etc)or is that a mistake?



  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 9,593
    It won't have much nutrition left in it if it's in containers, but I don't think it will have anything actively harmful to plants that aren't related to potatoes so it should be ok in the veg beds, or you could use it to mulch around trees/shrubs/perennials. Or maybe think about crop rotation - put something else where you grew potatoes last year.
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  • war  garden 572war garden 572 Posts: 611
    edited March 2022
    if mix it with bit of dried manure and fresh
     compost it should good for beans. or you
    could mix it as is with root crops. if it is
    of fine texture. 
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