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Adding some screening for privacy

Hello all.I’m new to the group & need some advice please.We had started to get our garden into a little bit of shape but there’s a 2 story house being built across the road from us & we would like to put some form of screening in place for privacy.I have attached a picture,sorry it’s not great.i have mostly Skimmias & spring bulbs in place at the moment also some holly which I’m planning on moving to the another part of the garden. I’m not sure if the picture shows but we have mature trees to the other side of the Laurel hedge.Thanks in advance 😊


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,216
    Some smaller trees planted in circles cut out of the grass, strategically positioned to line up with the gaps in the taller trees behind the hedge, might work. Perspective means that smaller trees planted within your garden will screen more than they would on the boundary. You could probably let the laurel get taller if you could manage the clipping.
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  • Thank thank you for your reply😊 I hadn’t thought about planting further in actually.I suppose we had initially thought about planting along the hedge line or removing some of the shrubs & plant trees within the bed.You have given us a different perspective on things now 😊
  • I planted lilacs along our rear wall when houses were built behind us. Took a few years to get to full height but gives us a bit of privacy over the summer months when we are outside, but being deciduous we don’t get same screening over winter but we are OK with that.
  • Thanks for your reply.I’m not sure that lilacs would work for us but I have seen them used in our area as a screen along walls too.😊
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