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Need some advice deciding on hedge cutters

Hi there,

Looking at getting a new cordless hedge trimmer and I'm wondering if any of these options are worth looking at. It's for professional use but mainly for just trimming as I have a bigger petrol cutter for thicker material.

Those are the two I'm looking at. The dewalt is like 70 quid more expensive but seems to gey good reviews. I'm also worried about getting one to cheap. I don't want it lasting me a year and that it.



  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,371
    If it's for professional use is there any reason why you wouldn't fork out for a Stihl or similar and maybe one with a bit more reach for versatility? It's worth considering the other battery powered products that manufacturers offer too as once you've forked out for their specific batteries and charger you can get their bare products much cheaper.
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  • Well I've already got a stihl hs 82 petrol hedge cutter and I'm only just starting out so don't really want to spend big money on one. 

    Also with your point about the batteries and other tools, that's why I was considering spending more on the dewalt as I already have one battery and other tools that are dewalt.
  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,371
    That would seal the deal for me. Buy the bare one and save paying for the charger if you already have one. The Dewalt has a 3 year warranty too.
    Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people
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