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ww1 garden plans

here is first of series ww1 garden plans i will
be posting feel free to comment on each one i post.
from Weekly Dispatch 1917-02-25 sorry a about blurriness
 of image but that best image i can get from the original source. 



  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,353
    I think that's too blurry for anyone to make sense of it, so it may not be of much benefit. Perhaps it would be better to type it out on a separate document, and copy and paste.
    Even with my glasses on I'm struggling to see that very well.  :/
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • UffUff Posts: 3,199
    It is a shame that it's blurry as it looks like an interesting read. Dad gave me an old gardening book and I like comparing then and now so yours might be the same if it were clearer war garden. 
    SW SCOTLAND but born in Derbyshire
  • war  garden 572war garden 572 Posts: 620
    edited March 2022
    i plan typing it out later.
    since uk vegetable garden plans in graphic
     format are very rare i only found 3 in uk newspapers 
    and over 100 in USA newspapers.  
  • FireFire Posts: 18,069
    edited March 2022
    @Wargarden I use the graphics app Pixlr quite a bit. It's free and takes a little bit of time to learn how to navigate. You can use it from a computer desktop.  It's good to clarifying images and you might want to try it with the plans and text you are finding and wanting others to enjoy.

    If you would like to try - Use the E editor

    For clarifications, upload an image, then choose the tool bar and find <filter> then <details> then try sharpen / clarity and/or remove noise. It might really help.

    If you are scanning documents, it's best to set it to the highest possible resolution. This can do magical things to clarify text. Even doing a powerful scan from a printed online text might give good results. Worth trying.

    I'm doing a similar kind of thing with 1911 census reults for our neighbourhood.

  • war  garden 572war garden 572 Posts: 620
    edited March 2022
    i am not scanning documents the graphics i posted 
    in this case they were scanned by
    or someone related to them.
    when I scan documents I scan 600-800
    given i don't live in uk having access to hard copy versions to scan is impossible.
  • FireFire Posts: 18,069
    With scanning I recommend choosing the highest level of resolution possible.
  • BenCottoBenCotto Posts: 4,579
    I’m grateful for the link to the newspaper archive as I have just spent the last hour flicking through stories about my village. I might even subscribe to read the articles in full. 
    Rutland, England
  • FireFire Posts: 18,069
    The 1921 census results are now out, which is exciting for us people interested in (local) history.
  • UffUff Posts: 3,199
    That's a very interesting link, thank you. I shall be looking for The Derbyshire Times which was the weekly newspaper of my youth and onwards, I'm sure I'll find much of interest. 
    SW SCOTLAND but born in Derbyshire
  • war  garden 572war garden 572 Posts: 620
    edited March 2022
    here is section:


    Timely Allotments plan all can follow.


    Now that gardens and allotments should be ready for sowing.
    the chef problem to be solved is how to make the best use of
    available space. For that reason we give the following scheme 
    for a ten-rod allotment drawn up by Mr, E Shelton for the
    Richmond,Surrey, Council.
        The plan is designed, of course, for allotment-holders but it should serve as useful 
    guide to all who are this year trying to growing their own supply of vegetables. The
    plan and Mr. Skelton's accompanying  notes are as follows:
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