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Japanese Style Beds - The last piece of the puzzle

hoppityhoppity Posts: 3
edited March 2022 in Garden design
Hi All, I've designed several japanese style beds around my garden and had my designs brought to life by a local landscaper. The final small bed around the second patio area has me stumped for the first time.  Its a small semi-circular bed around the second patio. The soil tends to be heavy clay and although a lot of it was removed and new well drained soiled added. The bed would normally be in full sun most of the time so they tend to get very dry in summer but recently became waterlogged during the recent heavy rains. I was wondering what plants would be suitable for these conditions which would fit in with the other Japanese beds - they would be minimal plants and perhap 2-3 smaller stones inthe gravel. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Many thanks


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