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Where have my frogs gone?.

I,ve had a pond for about 12  years now. here in n.e england.first few years a little toad spawn, quite a lot of frog spawn.about 6 years ago the toad spawn stopped however lots of frog spawn .4 years ago the palmate newts arrived with a few smooth newts ,the odd male toad, no females and lots of frogs.last year,  I counted over 30 frogs ,about 10 paired up no toads and loads of palmate newts. The newts seem to be taking over, I had to remove some of the frog spawn and put into a container until the tadpoles are big enough before returning the back to the pond as the newts would of eaten the lot. This year ,last night one male toad no frogs and lots and lots of newts.Can anyone explain the absence of the frogs.the last few nights have been quite mild and the frogs always come before the toads..


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,221
    Newts will eat frogspawn/tadpoles so that's probably the reason. Unless you have a big enough pond, it's difficult to have both.
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