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Ultrasonic Cat / Animal Repellers

Has anyone had experience of using a sonic animal repeller? Do they do the job that they are supposed to do?

We're getting sick to death of having various animals (cats, dogs and foxes) crapping on our front garden and lawn on an almost daily basis. Have tried the power and gels, but they don't seem to deter them.

I've read a lot of posts about using the automatic water sprayers, but that would be difficult in terms of of the outside tap is in back garden and the problem is mainly out front.


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    I've been trying the Voss 2000 one which was recommended by a forum member, and it does seem to be working.  We're plagued by them here so I need something that  works. It's very difficult with the water scarecrows, because although they work , they freeze, so no use from around October until April here, certainly through the bulk of winter.
    I'll see if I can find the link

    Here you are

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    I had to resort to buying one once as a nasty neighbour taught his dog to bark and bounce against our fence every time we stepped outside. 

    It worked fine for the dog, which quickly learned that to approach the fence meant a sore ear.

    The only trouble was, the next door neighbour’s young children could also hear it and found it painful too.

    I removed it when I learned of that but luckily the dog had by that time given up going anywhere near the boundary fence.
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    My younger daughter hears it, but not the older one. She often comes in from work and says 'Mum, have you got that thing on again?' 
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    Our tree surgeon .... probably late thirties? .... could also hear ours, so I turned them off when he was here.
    Other than that they are on all the time as we have no near neighbours.

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    I don't mind keeping it on if it keeps any little gobsh*tes away as well @Bee witched ;)
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    I've got a couple of the Voss 2200 scarers.  They seem to work - there's a flashing light to scare them as well as the ultrasonic sound alarm.  @Fairygirl have you recharged yours via the recharge cable?  I've found that the red light that flashes while recharging doesn't stop - it's supposed to when the batteries are fully recharged.  Just wondered if I am not waiting long enough or whether I should fit new batteries? 
  • My RSPB with mains adaptor works just fine. Friend has that one as well , it does the job. Valerie 
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    I hear the RSPB one but it doesn't hurt
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