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Black bamboo with unhealthy looking leaves

EdlontonEdlonton LondonPosts: 59

My black bamboo has burn brown leaves tips. Any idea what could be the problem? It has been ok all winter but is looking a bit poorly specially in the last couple of weeks. 

Thank you. 


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 31,647
    mine looks the same.
    I blame too many gales blasting it.
    It'll be fine 
  • EdlontonEdlonton LondonPosts: 59
    It started to look poorly after the storm a few weeks ago. Hopefully it will recover in time. 

    Thank you for your comment Hostafan1. 
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 46,325
    They always look rough after winter weather, unless they're in a protected spot.  :)
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  • PlantmindedPlantminded WirralPosts: 1,023
    Give it a few generous handfuls of blood, fish and bone, plus a good watering and it will revive!  You can make it look better in the meantime by tidying up the lower leaves.  I trim all the lower leaves off my bamboo up to a third of the height of the cane from ground level to expose the canes.  Gives it a better, cared for look!  Also if you allow any fallen leaves to accumulate around the canes, as they break down they will add natural nutrients to your soil from which the plant will benefit.
  • thevictorianthevictorian Posts: 417
    Mine doesn't look to bad at the moment but it's in a very sheltered spot near the house (in a massive above ground planter before anyone worries). Our neighbour has one in an exposed position in their back garden and it always looks battered and suffering this time of year but once it gets going it freshens up and looks good again quickly.
    The only thing to really worry about them is if they are in a pot as they can dry out quickly and then the leaves will die off in a similar way.

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 46,325
    Yes - pots are always a problem unless they're big enough @thevictorian. Looks like @Edlonton has it in a border, but hard to be sure.

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

  • VictorMeldrewVictorMeldrew Peak District foothills, CheshirePosts: 444
    @Edlonton any idea how old your bamboo is? 

    We have a stand of black bamboo which I planted around 15 years ago and it is also showing the same signs of wear & tear as yours. However a few years ago it produced a runner (the only one it has so far produced) and I dug it up and grew it on for a year in a pot. That youngster is now planted about 12 feet away in the same bed as the parent; it is beautifully healthy and bulking up amazingly well. Both parent & child have been battered by the same storms this winter. So I certainly think age may be a factor in our case. That may be down to the original having depleted all the goodness from it's root space. I regularly mulch with garden compost and occasionally apply a general liquid feed in summer but maybe there's more I should be doing? I'll post photos tomorrow.
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  • EdlontonEdlonton LondonPosts: 59
    Mine are in a raised bed along one of the garden wall. They have been there since last October. They have been ok until the big storm a few weeks ago.

    I will add some blood, fish and bone as recommended by Plantminded. I hope it is just the recent strong winds and they will recover.  
  • thevictorianthevictorian Posts: 417
    I have seen my neighbours black bamboo, which is in a large planter, completely defoliate after some unexpected drying winds (it took out her large olive tree as well), the leaves did come back after the dessicated ones had fallen off. 
  • EdlontonEdlonton LondonPosts: 59
    Let's hope this is the case thevictorian. I have got fish, blood and bone so I'll apply a bit of it in the next days to help with the recovery. Fingers crossed. 
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