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Star jasmine advice please

My star jasmine is not looking it’s best, with the wet weather in the UK at the moment, I feel it is sufficiently watered, soil feels moist to touch. 
Is the pot pictured big enough?
Thanks if you can help.



  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,199
    @mcmcheez, it looks from the last photo, that there are small roots on the surface which is a sign that the pot is too small. They can be quite big vigorous plants.

    If you can, I would be inclined to repot the plant into a much bigger pot with new J.I 3 compost so it can access more nutrients. If that's not possible you could try lifting it out, cutting off the bottom and replanting with new compost as above.

    Other posters may be able to give more advice.
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  • mcmcheezmcmcheez Posts: 2
    Thank you very much Lizzie
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,199
    Happy to help.
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
  • Agree with Lizzie - these are vigorous, if quite slow growing, evergreen climbers that do best in open soil, so if you are growing them in a pot they’ll need a lot of space, as well as a good feed in spring, plus some freshening of their compost every year if you can.
  • PlantmindedPlantminded Posts: 2,293
    Yes, I'd second @Lizzie27's advice, your plant needs a bigger pot.  You'll find it will perk up with fresh, new compost and recover quickly.  Just make sure the pot is raised off the ground to allow adequate drainage and perhaps top the compost with some grit or decorative pebbles to help contain moisture.

    Your plant may also need some support like a narrow trellis or some canes to which you can attach the main stems.  They need to twine around something, at the moment the stems are twining round each other which reduces the ability of the leaves to capture light.  I'd try to separate the stems carefully when you attach them to the chosen support.  I'm assuming your plant gets sun in that location, when we get some!
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  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 3,868
    Should be planted in open soil.
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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,242
    I agree with @Papi Jo . They aren't really suited to pot culture.
    You can see by the heaviness of those stems already that it's a vigorous grower.
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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,449
     It does say on this link that they can be grown in pots, but it definitely needs a much bigger one. Personally l think it would be happier in the ground, but if you don't have the space and/or the right location, there's some advice here that might help.
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,249
    Yep needs a much bigger pot, and is always going to struggle a bit in a pot, especially it it's on the sunny side of the house.
  • PlantmindedPlantminded Posts: 2,293
    I looked at the video on that link @AnniD, Monty seemed quite confident that it would grow in that pot!  Another advantage would be the ability to move it in severe weather as it's not reliably hardy.   
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