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Hot Composting with Joraform

I have a Joraform spinning hot composter which has been very efficient in the summer, but over cooler winter it has slowed down a lot. Anyone any tips what I should prioritise to add as one side nearly ready to harvest but cold now. And that means the active side is nearly full and not very hot.


  • FireFire Posts: 17,116
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    Welcome to the forum. I would add a bit of manure and a bit of soil from your garden to your compost to speed things up. Chicken pellets, human wee and a bit of fresh cut grass (weed free, if you can) should well mixed in, should heat things up nicely. (Make the sure the grass doesn't have any stray bits of bind weed, bramble etc in it).

    I haven't seen that kind of model of tumbler before. How is it to use?

  • Thank you - I have added some old chicken manure and a bit more paper as was getting soggy. It's a great system - off the ground on a spinning rack - so avoids the London rats. Does compost down all household food waste (I only add veggie uncooked) and need to mix with carbon - so paper or wood pellets. And I was getting a compost load every 6 weeks in summer. I would like to find a more experienced user to give me some tips though.
  • FireFire Posts: 17,116
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    I would like to find a more experienced user to give me some tips though.

    I've never seen mention of this particular composter mentioned on the forum before.

  • Look it up - Jora Composter I think works on google
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