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My Kalettes are not really growing

I bought small plants in March and was finally sent them in September and  they have grown about 6-9 inches but are not er 'fruiting' or what I expected to see. I gave them lots of good soil and also mulched around them before winter set in...will they crop this year and should I leave them in the ground? They taste lovely but are expensive to buy!:)


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,840
    It's a bit cold and wet.  I'd give them another month or two for things to warm up and encourage them to grow before you give up and pull them up.

    My purple sprouting broccoli, planted last autumn, grew plenty of leaves but has only just produced its first flower shoot and we've been up to 10C for a few days now, tho just briefly each day.  
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  • Thank you - I would just like a crop of some kind !:)

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