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Growing leaves for curries!

We do love our curries in this house!
Chicken methi is one of our favourites!

Two years ago, I grew Fenugreek from seed, plus a few varieties of coriander. I'd like to add curry leaves to the repertoire this year, but have never grown them before.
Can I grow from seed, or is it better to buy young plants?
Any hints and tips please?

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  • EustaceEustace Posts: 2,002
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    Curry leaves need a very tropical climate to grow well. I have tried multiple times to grow them from small seedlings I got from my friend but they have all died on me. My friend keeps it on her south-facing windowsill very near a radiator. It needs lot of care.
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  • I'd agree with @Eustace. This assumes you are talking about "real" curry leaves ( murraya koenigii or something like that ) -- not the vaguely curry smelling yellow flowered bush. If you can source young plants , then they basically need citrus-like care, and definitely indoors in the UK. I've occasionally been successful ( short-medium term) by effectively rooting fresh sprigs , but even that never really lasted very long. Seeds are rarely available from reputable sources anyway in my searching. 
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  • Thank you. Curry leaves are orf, then!
    Will carry on with the fenugreek etc
    Beautiful North Wales - hiraeth
  • I'd recommend growing Vietnamese Coriander...
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