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When is the best time to attempt to bring dahlias back to life?  I will be planting them up in an unheated greenhouse.


  • From around now is ok. I know people that start them in febuary/early March in heated greenhouses and use the early growth as cutting material. With an unheated greenhouse it will take a little longer for them to wake up. 
  • Ok,thanks for that.  Will make a start!
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    I left a lot in the ground last year but new bulbs can be started now and then planted out after last frost or earthed up if a frost is threatened. Happy growing  .😁
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    Aylett Nursery is probably the best/biggest dahlia grower in the world, on their website they share how they start the tubers off.

    "It starts in January when the Dahlias Tubers are taken out of storage and laid out on moist compost in our Propagation house. The heat and lights are turned on, and slowly but surely the Dahlia Tubers begin to sprout new tiny green shoots and through the wonders of nature, life returns to these brown storage organs. In due course, these become the first cuttings taken from the tubers which are then rooted and potted into 11cm pots to grow on further. As the nights become shorter, the sodium lights are turned off and the tubers continue to sprout new growth and many cuttings are taken and rooted until the tubers use up all their energy. Before this happens, we have normally taken over 17,000 cuttings which have been rooted, potted and put out for sale, for you to purchase for your own gardens."
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