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Black specks

I have been given some Jerusalem Artichokes and I’m contemplating planting a couple. I know they can be invasive so I will probably use a large container.  I cut one in half and put it in a saucer with a few drops of water to see if roots would form (which they have.) The saucer now looks as if I’ve sprinkled coarse black pepper on it (or poppy seeds.)  I’ve searched the internet but can’t find anything covering the subject. 
Anyone know what these are? They don’t appear to move! 🤔


  • The black spots are mould.
    Jerusalem artichokes are pretty tough. I would just put the tubers in a large pot of compost, about 3/4 ins deep, and leave them outside in a sheltered corner if possible. They will grow to around 6ft tall and have a very silly tiny yellow sunflower flower right at the top. I love them but have cleared my garden of them because they are quite invasive. I do miss them, artichoke soup is lovely.
  • Mould - really?  It isn’t on the artichoke, it’s around the dish and some was on the surrounding worktop. Very uniform shape/size. 
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