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Advice on care for my Citrus Aurantifolia (Mexican Key Lime)

I purchased this Citrus Aurantifolia (Mexican Key Lime) in 2015 and it's had many ups and down including getting scaly bug and losing all its leaves at least twice. Thanks to all who've advised me in the past and helped me persevere.

I now have almost the opposite issue in that is is growing very well and getting very big and heavy! I have it on my deck during the summer in a corner by the house which is the warmest spot. Once it's get below about 10C regularly I bring it in. It spends the winter on my landing in a light spot but it not getting very big and spiky to pass by!

Should I be pruning it? It has a number of leaves with brown bits and holes in (see photos) but, on the whole, looks healthy. No sign of any limes yet but I live in hope.

My location: Histon, near Cambridge, UK


  • Here it is in 2016! 
    My location: Histon, near Cambridge, UK

  • Well, he's obviously improved  over the last 4 years but Citrus are trees so will continue to grow as such.  It will rather depend on how large you want him to grow.
    Indoors doesn't often suit - dry atmosphere,lack of light, etc, 
    Depends on your particular mini climate but have you considered leaving him out and protecting both the plant and the pot over winter ?  
    You can clean/remove the damaged leaves tho you may need to look at the rootball for damage/congestion.
    In the end, it will mostly come down to what space you have for it - both pot size and spread.
    Citrus are not really House Plants despite GC's endlessly promoting them as such.  A pity but there it is :)
  • Thanks Philippa - this is helpful. I did repot it in a much bigger pot last year but it's getting too heavy to move now so I think we might be better off leaving it out and protecting it from now on. In the meantime, I'll trim off the damaged leaves. I do have a big conservatory it used to be in but it's got too spiky so was banished to a more remote spot on the landing this year - still very light though.
    My location: Histon, near Cambridge, UK

  • Yes - big heavy pots ( especially indoors ) are easy mistakes to make - I've done exactly the same with a Pony Tail palm :(
    At least have a try outside with protection - so much depends on the weather but many Citrus can be hardier than you think.  It may initially lose it's leaves but the plant itself can survive and bush out with the warmer weather.
    Best of luck with him anyway :)  
  • Thank you!
    My location: Histon, near Cambridge, UK

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