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Plant advice - evergreen/jungle/tropical


I am looking for advice on what I can plant in the corner of my garden.  It is a very sunny corner (despite what the photo might suggest) and I have a bit of a jungle/evergreen/tropical vibe happening.  Lots of bamboo and ferns on the other side of the garden (out of the photo), and some Banana and elephant ears in pots (currently in hibernation) 

I am looking for something evergreen, circa 2m high at maturity and happy in a sunny area in southern England.  It needs to be hardy, and this is what is troubling me.  It will be positioned where the purple pot is in the photo.

Other plants adjacent to it are (from left) Fatsia green fingers, a fan palm, a yucca (Spanish dagger), and a Fatsia japonica.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.



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    I would try some Echium pininana - I know it's a biennial not a shrub, but I think that spot would suit it and provide some temporary impact while the existing fatsias and palms grow into the space. The basal rosette is evergreen, obviously after flowering you do need to replace the plant.
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    Euphorbia mellifera...  perfectly hardy in southern England.. my plant withstood at least -12c one winter..   I would have to move that Fatsia along a bit to accommodate..

    ..if you're serious about tropicals, which you appear to be, I would want to try this one somewhere in your garden, maybe not in that corner.. costly but it appears to be hardy in the south, and tolerates local damp conditions..
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    You have a lot of green foliage in that area. If it were me, I'd want to get something with more contrast in both colour and texture.

    Phormium Platt's Black/Evening Glow/Cream Delight would all work, and they are hardy and evergreen. Pittosporum Tom Thumb or Cotinus Royal Purple aren't so tropical looking, but would work from a colour perspective.

    They do better in shade, but we really love Astelia's.  Silver Spear or Westland are both lovely varieties, very tropical looking, minimal watering and maintenance too.
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    Fatsia japonica,
    Looks exotic.
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    I would consider moving your young palm (looks like a Trachycarpus fortunei) to where your purple pot is so that it has more space to grow upwards and send out larger leaves (they can grow up to 7-8 meters high and 2.5 meters wide in the UK).  I would then put your Fatsia japonica where your palm was so that it is not competing with the Cordyline close by.  It will also thrive better in shade. 

    At the front of your border you could then consider planting some sun loving plants and herbs like lavender, bay, thyme and rosemary to add extra interest and scent as well.

    If you still have space for an evergreen shrub, I'd recommend Phormium tricolor which has an attractive spiky habit, or Euphorbia characias subsp. wulfeni, an architectural plant which remains green in winter before sending up striking lime green flower spikes, adding a touch of drama in Spring!  I hope this helps.
  • All, thank you for your wonderful advice, both the plants and some options for moving plants around a little.  Lots to think about, but I definitely want a Euphorbia mellifera :)

    Much appreciated
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