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Advice for Rose Bush please

Today some lovely secateurs arrived in the post and I am ready to start pruning :) for my old, large rose bush I have 2 questions please:
1) Can anyone advise, for the crossing branches, should I cut off the thick brown old branch or the thinner (but healthy looking) new green one?
2) Around the bottom there is a shasta daisy infestation. Should I pull them up  or can they live in harmony? (Last year the rose suffered badly from black spot, but so it seems did all my friends' roses too)
Thank you for any advice!


  • AthelasAthelas Posts: 701
    edited February 2022
    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    It may be best if you post this same question on the Rose group thread at:

    If you can attach a photo or two that would help as well — click on the ‘mountain’ icon and make sure the photo file is less than 6MB in size.

    I would consider removing the daisies, as roses don’t like competition for nutrients and water close to their roots.
  • Thank you! Will do.
  • AthelasAthelas Posts: 701
    No worries :)  Just a note that uploaded photos may appear sideways — it’s a glitch on this forum.

    You can try cropping the photo slightly and then re-uploading it, that usually does the trick.
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