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Potatoes in Tubs

The picture above was taken this afternoon of the progress of seed potatoes variety Dunluce, there were originally 3 seed planted but only 2 have appeared!
They have been planted into and topped up with a mixture of  1 part each of riddled allotment soil, riddled garden compost and peat based MPC!

The seed was first set up on 29th December in Jiffy pots with about 2 cms of slightly damp pure peat, with the eye end in the peat. The idea is to get them to root well without starting to throw any stems or foilage this they did and were potted up in the tub without losing any of the compost or breaking any roots.

December 29th Set up.
January 20th Potted up in tub!
That's 6 weeks gone, so we will be eating  new potatoes in 6 weeks time, not likely as in past years it is the second week in May, if the kids keep their fingers out of the compost that long!


  • BraidmanBraidman Posts: 269

    The top picture lot were also set up on 29th December but was topped up with peat based MPC and placed in the garage window which faces due south, that is also as they are today.
    I will put them into a tub with the same compost as the top tub probably this weekend!

    This was just to see if there is any difference in harvest time or weight!
    The bottom picture shows the amount of roots coming through the pots with little top growth which I don't want at first!

    I will grow them on in an unheated GH but will leave them outside if the forecast is good, the harvest does not always justify the amount of effort looking after them but the kids enjoy the challenge.

  • BraidmanBraidman Posts: 269
    Week 10

    The lot in the brown tub were planted first, the green tub were in pots first  and potted on, on the 26th Feb.
    Wehad a poke in the brown tub last week end, found and left 2 about the size of a pigeon egg.

  • BraidmanBraidman Posts: 269
    Took this photo on 24th April and forgot about it!

    These were the first lot carefully lifted out of one of the tubs, the second lot were very slightly larger both in crop and size and they were all delicious!

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