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Talkback: Cosmos

This isn't about Cosmos, but reminded me of the first plants I tried to grow from seed, aged about 5 or 6 I guess.

Lavatera (great success), cornflowers (brilliant success) and aquilegia (total fail), and I can still remember the disappointment of that now!


  • I have grown cosmos for about the last three years and they have always made a great display. I've grown both the tall & dwarf varieties and think they're a great annual flower. This years display hasn't done so well though!.
  • Cosmos. One of my favourites. Last for ages, and are much appreciated by the bees!
  • sorry this has nothing to do with cosmos, but i havent seen much of this mentioned in any of the blogs, i have been plagued and most of us have on our allotment site with catepillars, this year, i even reluctantly sprayed but to no avail they are still eating away.. i think for next year i will use nemotodes can anyone recommend them ?
  • I love Cosmos.. it's always a bit disappointing until mid-August, but then it starts flowering its socks off. My favourite is Candy Stripe, but I may have to try some of t'others you've recommended.
  • First year of growing cosmos and what a joy! I needed a cheap solution to cover 30ft area of fencing and for £5.00 found my solution.

    The only downside is keeping on top of the dead heading, but after a while you just need to chill out and enjoy a few dying heads!
  • I can think of no better value for money than cosmos,I agree though that the deadheading is a bind.
  • I've just popped in to see the new Gardeners' World garden at Greenacre today, and the bed of cosmos that Toby sowed directly outside earlier in the year (probably April) was looking stunning. If ever a sight was needed to convince me of the value and performance of direct sown cosmos then the TV garden at Greenacre certainly achieved this. I hope it persuades others to try growing them too.
  • I grew cosmos for the first time this year and although they gave a stunning display of colour they didnt last very long even though i took time to dead head them, shame
  • We sowed Cosmos last year for the first time and were surprised when the cosmos grew to nearly 7feet high! We made sure we had dwarf ones this year!
  • heard on the radio about pruning pears as growers do. could someone explain exactly what to do
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