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Show us your Hellebore...

JessicaSJessicaS Posts: 867
Id love to see pictures of others Hellebores, they are so varied and beautiful and give such lovely winter colour. Heres a few of my open ones, the darker ones are budding but not out yet:
Niger, huge blooms and profuse;

Unnamed Orientalis hybrid;


Decaya pink
christmas carol;

Various orientalis hybrids



  • Think this may be some form of Niger. I am always loosing labels, too now I always write the plant name in a special little book I was given as a gift.  It  stops me buying duplicates and is useful place to write down fav garden quotes, gardens to visit, pruning details etc.  
    I have worked as a Gardener for 24 years. My latest garden is a new build garden on heavy clay.
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