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NONE Christmas door wreaths - what foliage is good to use?

DogmumDogmum Posts: 96
Hi All
I’m interested in creating a series of different door wreaths to hang at different times of the year i.e. spring, summer and autumn.  So I’m looking for suggestions for seasonal or all year round foliage that will last at least a couple of weeks (preferably a little longer) once cut. My front door is sheltered, so doesn’t get rain, although I could mist the wreath it helped and doesn’t get sun until very late afternoon in the summer.
Ideally I’d like to be able to plant a few different plants/bushes around my garden that I could use in future years as a supply for the wreaths.  My garden is currently pretty empty, so space isn’t much of an issue.

Any thoughts would be welcome.
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  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,547
    You are going to really struggle in the summer - but I wonder if you could make a sort of 'succulent wreath' with houseleeks and sedums etc? They would tolerate dry conditions and could be almost permanent.
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,547
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    You could actually also adopt hanging basket principles, but use a wheel shaped wire frame, lined with moss and filled with compost as per a normal basket. Then you can plant bedding, perennials, and ivy / other trailing plants.
  • DogmumDogmum Posts: 96
    @Loxley I really like the idea of using some succulents, I don’t have any currently but was looking at getting some just the other day. Like you say I could possibly make it almost a permanent display that I could move to the poly tunnel in winter. Thanks 😊 
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  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,547
    You could have two on the go, and alternate every few weeks. You could leave the unused one lying flat in the sun, so the succulents grew in a nice even way instead of reaching upwards.
  • DogmumDogmum Posts: 96
    @Fire your autumn wreath looks amazing, thanks for all the info, just the kind of thing I was looking for.
    @Loxley, great idea to have two succulent wreaths so I can alternate in summer, thanks.
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  • DogmumDogmum Posts: 96
    Thanks @Busy-Lizzie, the moss could be great ‘backdrop’ for a spring wreath this year until I can more foliage established.
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  • UffUff Posts: 3,199
    Do you have access to pussy willow or catkins Dogmum? They would look nice in a spring wreath. Even plain fir cones would sit well. 
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  • sjb_csjb_c Posts: 41
    Cypress lasts forever, also yew, box, camellia, firs - all work well and last months.  Your best bet is to use a wire wreath ring, bind moss to it, then attach foliage, then your seasonal flowers can be changed as and when.  Tulips, bulbs, narcissi etc for spring look nice - you can add feathers, eggs whatever takes your fancy.  Have fun!!
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